Earning points 

For all purchases beginning September 18th, 2020 forward, you will be able earn rewards points upon successful account creation. For every $1 you spend (excluding taxes and shipping) you will earn 1 point in your account. Don’t forget to make all of our purchases with Little Daisies through your account in order to rack up your rewards points! 

Point Benefits 

As you earn more and more points, your rewards get more and more substantial! You may redeem your rewards points as you hit a loyalty milestone OR you may let them accumulate to earn greater rewards.  Our loyalty milestone breakdown can be found below:

MILESTONE 1: 100 points: $10.00 shop credit 
MILESTONE 2: 250 points: $25.00 shop credit
MILESTONE 3: 500 points: $50.00 shop credit
MILESTONE 4: 750 points: $75.00 shop credit
MILESTONE 5: 1000 points: $100 shop credit

Terms and Conditions  

  1. Daisy Rewards points are accrued when an order ships, not at the time of purchase 
  2. Daisy Rewards points cannot be redeemed with any other shop promotion codes 
  3. Daisy Rewards points will be removed if items are returned
  4. Daisy Rewards points cannot be redeemed for anything other than shop credit
  5. Shipping charges and tax are NOT included in Daisy Rewards point accruals 
  6. Daisy Rewards points from two different email addresses may NOT be combined
  7. No points are given for orders prior to establishment of Daisy Rewards (prior to September 18, 2020)
  8. You MUST be logged into your account to earn points. Failure to log into your account at the time of purchase will result in no points earned.
  9. We reserve the right to change or discontinue Daisy Rewards at any time 
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